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Course Class Unit Price Total Amount
Online 1v1 English Course
6 MOP$120 / Class MOP$720
(3Macau Exclusive👍)
12 MOP$105 / Class MOP$1,260
(3Macau Exclusive👍)
24 MOP$120 / Class
36 MOP$110 / Class
72 MOP$105 / Class

Portuguese / Mandarine lesson also available for your selection! 

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Make sure there is offer remark on the course description when purchase
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*Lesson apps download guideline: please refer here

**3Fans. data coupon guideline: please refer here


1. The above offer is applicable for local mobile number used to register YOA via 3Macau and purchase of the courses.
2. Customer can get 3Fans data coupon for selected course purchase within 1 year since the first purchase. The applicable course please refer to the delegated YOA webpage (refer to above QR code)
3. Customers have to use the same phone number registered with YOA course to login 3Fans in order to get the data coupon.
4. Customers who logged in 3Fans. before can get the 1GB coupon per class via the 3Fans. account within 3 working days after purchase of course. e.g. 6 classes will have 6 x 1GB coupons.Customers can redeem the data coupon in one time or separately as need. Redeemed data is valid until the current bill cut-off date.
5. Customers who never log in 3Fans. have to complete login within 7 days after purchasing the course in order to obtain the data coupon. Otherwise, the data coupon will be forfeited.
6. Exclusive course package is applicable to customers of 3Macau and Non-3Macau. Non-3Macau customers can also use the data e-coupon after port-in the same number to 3Macau within the coupon validity period.
7. The E-coupon can not be transferred to other mobile numbers and will not be reissued after expiration.
8. Customers can enjoy the exclusive offer and extra data usage by register and purchase with the course through 3Macau only. If the customers have any fees or losses for any reason of duplicate applications or purchase the course through other channels, 3Macau shall not be responsible for any liability incurred.
9. The content of the Service shall be provided by a third party supplier, namely Yorkshire Online Academy ltd. The content of the Service may change without any prior notice. 3Macau shall not be responsible for any liability incurred from or in connection with the content, the downloading of the related App and/or use of the Service (including but not limited to the accuracy of the information provided by the third party supplier, and any fees, expenses, losses and damages incurred from or caused by the website visit, downloading of the related App and/or use of the Service by the customer or any other persons). 
10. Should there be any inconsistencies between the Chinese and English versions of these terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.
11. 3Macau reserves the right to change the contents of the above offers and details without giving prior notice. 3Macau shall have the final discretion as to any dispute in all respects in relation to this Service.