Referral Program

Earn $10 rebate on your monthly fee every month by each successful referral  The more friends you refer, The more rebate you earn
The monthly fee can be as low as $6 after rebate!  Don't miss the chance and accompany your friend to 3store for subscription!


Referral Reward

Each successful referral    
Earn Rebate up to24mthx $10


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Selective Offers to you and your friends

Enjoy Flash sale offer with port-in referral

With sucessful port-in referral, you can enjoy the upgrade to flash sale offer of tri-city plan $98/5GB

China Number special package

Receiving incoming SMS and incoming call for easy access to online service such as e-banking and e-payment


5GB ONLY need $108 per month

Earn $10 rebate on your monthly fee per month per referral to reduce your monthly fee  as low as $8!