Macau-HK Voice/ Video Mins
3000 1000 1000
Mainland China Voice Mins
300 300 300
Intra SMS
Free VAS
Caller Number Display, Call Waiting, Call Forward Bundle,Conference Call, Voice Mail

Terms and Conditions:

1. Maxium 2 extra SIMs for each plan can be applied. 
2.Subscription of 24-mth contact is required. Bonus data is provided within the contract period of main number account with maxium 24 months. Bonus data shall be cancelled provided that extra SIM is terminated.
3. HK roaming data and HK roaming airtime services are provided by 3HK. China roaming data and China roaming airtime service is provided by China Unicom. Customers are required to use network service of 3HK and China Unicom. Otherwise standard roaming rate will apply for using other operators.
4. Should there be any excess data usage beyond the basic monthly plan, the data will be charged for $0.0008/KB for each number with charge cap of $500. If Easy Plus is activated, excess data will be charged based on the Easy Plus scheme with charge cap of $398. For Easy Plus detail, please click here.

5. Macau-HK Voice/ Video minute refers to incoming calls and outgoing calls which 3customer in Macau/ HK received from/ made to Macau/ HK number.
6. Mainland China Voice minute refers to incoming calls received from/outgoing calls made to Macau/HK/China mobile number in China or outgoing calls made to China mobile number in Macau/ HK. Standard China IDD/ Roaming Voice Mins charges of 3Macau will apply if customers finish their free entitlement on the monthly plan.
7. Intra SMS refers to SMS which 3customer in Macau/ HK sends to 3customers.
8. The extra SIM cards share the voice minutes and data with the main number account. Actual minutes are deducted from the entitled usage on first-come, first-served basis. Thereafter charge will be applied on individual numbers upon usage is fully consumed. All the charges will be shown on the bill of the main number account.
9. The extra SIM cards can be new or port-in numbers and can be transferred to normal monthly plans afterwards. But all the necessary deposits applied.
10. All IDD, roaming service or non-local deposit are applicable on individual number. The non-local deposit will be exempted for the extra SIM cards and roaming service for tri-city will automatically activated according to the subscribed plan.
11.The China Number is only applicable for receiving message and calls (Standard roaming fees will be charged for calls received outside Macau/ HK). Each number can only apply for either The Macau-HK 1-Card-2-Numbers, the Macau-China 1-Card-2-Numbers or the China Number Service. The China Number Service required real-name registration, please refer here. Should the extra SIM cards required the China Number services, the monthly fee will be charged individually.
12. Standard tariff will be charged after promotional contract expired / ended. Please refer to here for details of 4G Basic Tariff Plans.

 Local voice mins consumption of any call and local voice mins chargeable value-added service will be rounded up to the nearest minute.
 All usage is subjected to 3Macau Service Usage Policy.
 Please approach our 3Shop staff or call 3Hotline for more details.
 3Macau reserves the right to change the contents of the above offers and details without giving prior notice.
 If there is any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.