和記電訊澳門」Wechat Official Account
Apart from lastest 3Macau's product information, our wechat official account provides ranges of self-help service including data usage, bill check, VAS application and online paymet, etc
Data Usage Checking
Data usage checking Log in (once ONLY) data usage information
(display format subject to plan subcribed)
Top up by clicking"立即增值"
Bill checking and payment
Bill checking make payment by clicking
Detail bill checking
Fast Pay without log in
 Fast pay( without log-in)
For you to make payment for other number easily
Input mobile number to proceed payment
1st time password set-up / forgot password
Click "登入" Click"設定/忘記密碼" Get verification code Input new password
Value-added Service subscription
VAS status and application Successful application
Remark: Functions that requires log in are applicable for 4G personal customers only.