4G Basic Tariff Plans
Basic Plans
Service Plans Plan1 Plan2 Plan3 Plan4 Plan5 Plan6
Monthly Plans(MOP) $203 $283 $363 $513 $823 $833
Airtime Inter mins 600 800 1000 1200 1500 1500
Intra mins 600 600 800 1000 1600 1600
roaming mins
0 100 200 300 300 300
Service Inter SMS 100 100 200 550 1000 1000
Local data (GB) 1 1.5 2.5 4 9 Unlimited
3HK roaming data (MB) - 512 512 1024 1536 1536
Free IDD Package
Other Free Value-Added Services*
Basic Plans
4G Data Plan Plan1 Plan2 Plan3 Plan4 Plan5
Service Plans(MOP) $168 $208 $268 $468 $488
Local Data Usage
1 1.5 2.5 5 Unlimited
3HK roaming data
- 512 512 1024 1024
Inter mins 100 100 200 300 350

* Free Feature(s) including (1: Caller No. Display, 2: Call Waiting, 3: Call Forward Bundle, 4: Voice Mail Box, 5: Conference Call)


  1. The total local data usage exceeds more than 10GB; the data transmission speed will automatically be adjusted to not less than 384 Kbps.
  2. Customers are required to enjoy network service of 3HK.
  3. Customers have to decide whether to keep Hong Kong roaming data or convert it into Macau mobile data on the first subscription date. Hong Kong roaming data services are provided by 3HK. Thereafter charge of Hong Kong roaming data is  $0.000293/KB (50KB as the basic unit; Customer is required to enjoy network service of 3Macau and 3HK).
  4. Hong Kong roaming airtime refers to 3customer receives incoming calls and makes outgoing calls to Hong Kong number in Hong Kong. Hong Kong roaming airtime services are provided by 3HK. Standard roaming charges of 3Macau will apply if customers finish their free entitlement in the monthly plan.
  5. Thereafter local data charge is MOP$0.0008/KB.
  6. Video call to other local networks will be deducted HTH video minand MOP$0.2/min. surcharge.
  7. Local text message MOP$0.25 each; International text message MOP$1.0 each.
  8. Local multimedia message inter SMS MOP$0.5 each;Intra SMS MOP$1.0 each, International multimedia message MOP$2.0 each.
  9. Hutchison Telecom reserves the right to increase/decrease the content of talk plans, according to our system settings.
- All usage subject to 3Macau Service Usage Policy
- Unless otherwise specified, the usage entitlement and fee of the monthly plan applies to local service only.
- All service contents and charges are subject to final decision of 3Macau. 3Macau reserves the right to change the contents and charges without prior notice.
- The above offers are subject to Terms & Conditions. Please contact 3Shop staff for details.
- Talk time consumption of any call and talk time chargeable value-added service will be rounded up to the nearest minute.