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2 steps to understand your daily data usage or needs:
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Use your application usage level to estimate the data usage or use the monthly data usage level to allocate the application usage

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Data Legend - Smartphone
1. One text email (about 2000 English characters) = 22KB
2. One email with one photo attachment = 1.5MB
3. One email with one Word, Excel, Powerpoint or PDF = 300KB
4. One web page (in mobile version) = 180KB
5. One instant message (about 100 English characters or 50 Chinese characters) = 25KB
6. One minute of YouTube streaming video with standard quality = 2MB
7. One application/game = 10MB

* 1 MB = 1,024 KB; 1 GB = 1,024 MB
* Data usage varies per phone. The above examples are reference from a standard Smartphone

Transmission Speed
Mobile data services’ speed is the theoretical value, and the actual data transfer speed will vary depending on network conditions at that time, computer hardware, software, with, at the same time sharing the numbers, location, use the number of the software, the speed of the web itself, weather, terrain and other factors biased.