The Macau S.A.R. Law No.13/2019 "The Cybersecurity Law" has been effective since 2019, 22 December. Existing users with valid prepaid card can still re-activate service by completing the real name registration process online
Should the registration process not be completed on or before 2020/10/16, prepaid service will be terminated and will not be re-activated permanently.


information required

Corporate / Organization
 Name Organization Permit 
 Gender Organization Name
 Date of Birth Organization Permit No.
 Permit No. Personal info of Register( Refer to Individual)
 Permit Type Authorization Letter ( download sample)
 Issue Place
 SIM Photo
 ID/ Passport cover & signature page
Registration Online
 Registration Flow
Activate Prepaid Card


Select "Individual" or "Corporate/Organization" Click "Activate Prepaid Card" 

Input SIM ICCID (13 digits)
Upload SIM Card Photo (as above)

Click "Select file">"Take Photo" Click "Upload" "Uploaded" upon done
Click+- to add or delete the last record fill & upload the info required, confirm T&C and click "Submit" Mark down the registration no and you can check the result with "registration no/SIM ICCID"
Existing Prepaid Card
 Select "Individual" or "Corporate/Organization"
Click "Existing Prepaid Card" Input Mobile No to get verification code
Upload SIM card photo
Input verification code
Clieck "Next"
Other Steps please refer to section of “Activate Prepaid Card
Result Checking

 Input "Registration No" / "Mobile No" / "SIM ICCID"
Click "Enquiry"

"under review" - Please wait for the review
“Successfully registered” – the registration is passed and completed
others – Please re-register based on the stated reason.