Charge (MOP)


Service Renewal

Defaulted Service Package

50GB+ Infinite Local Data and

10,000 Local Voice Minutes

The service package will be inactivated from the 00:00:00 of the 31st day. Please recharge and press 

for re-application of the package.

Local Voice


Local SMS


International SMS


Roaming SMS

Please refer here: https://www.three.com.mo/idd/roamingcharge

Prepaid Card Validity
(after card activation)

180 days

*The service package will be applied and activated once the Prepaid SIM card has been plugged into the phone. The corresponding fees will be deducted accordingly. Infinite data amount at a throttling speed of not less than 256kbps will be provided upon 50GB basic data usage is fully consumed. 

To Check Credit Balance

  • Press 122  
  • SMS will be received with the Prepaid SIM card balance, expiry date and phone number.

1. The defaulted SMS language is simplified Chinese. To change the language to English, please press 120
1  .

2. As the data entitlement is infinite, no data balance could be shown on the Credit Balance SMS. However, there will be an automatic alert SMS once 50%, 80% and 100% of the 50GB has been consumed.
3. When the credit balance is about to be used up, the system will issue a reminding signal during the last minute of your call.

International Direct Dialing (IDD) Service


Dial Method

Applicable Hour



Press [00] or [060]
+ [
Country Code] [Area Code] [Call No.]

One tariff for 24 hours










Mainland China

Press [060]
+ [
Country Code] [Area Code] [Call No.]

Mon-Fri 20:00-08:00

Sat, Sun, and Public Holidays


Hong Kong


IDD charges are calculated in 6 seconds intervals and round up to the nearest 6 seconds. Details please refer to idd00 or idd060

Value- Added Service 

Voice Mail Service

$10/30 days

Service Details

This service will be renewed automatically every 30 days and the charge will be deducted from the remaining balance.

After the setting is completed, all incoming calls will be directed to the Voice Mail.

To check Voice Mail, local and roaming airtime will be charged.

How to use

Simply call 66030603 (in Macau) with any phones or +853 66030603 (overseas) and follow the instructions for listening to the Voice Mail.


Step 1: Call 181

Step 2: Call18266030603 +  


Step 1: Call 181 +

Step 2: Call 182 +   

Other Service Package

Voice Minute Package





30 days

800 Local voice minutes



1611 +


  • The same Prepaid SIM card could apply the above Voice Minute Package once only.
  • This Voice Minute Package could only be used locally
  • Local Voice Minute charges are calculated in 1-minute intervals and round up to the nearest minute.
  • This Voice Minute Package is valid for 30days. If the Prepaid SIM card balance is higher than the package charge, there will be an automatic renewal. If the Prepaid SIM card balance is lower than the package charge, the package will be suspended and the normal charge of local voice minutes applies. To continue enjoying the Voice Minute Package, please recharge your Prepaid SIM card with enough balancing amount and the package will be activated again automatically.
  • Should the Voice Minute Package being activated together with the Defaulted Service Package, the Local Voice Minutes will be firstly charged on the Defaulted Service Package.

Roaming Data Service Package (Once-off)




1 Day

Full Speed Unlimited Data &

1,000 Local Voice Mins^

Macau / Hong Kong



3 Days

3GB + Worry Free Data* &

1,000 Local Voice Mins^

Mainland China / Macau / Hong Kong



* "Worry-Free Data Usage" will provide infinite data amount at a throttling speed not less than 384kbps upon 3GB basic data usage is fully consumed.
#HK roaming data and HK roaming airtime services are provided by 3HK. China roaming data service is provided by China Unicom. Customers are required to use the network service of 3HK and China Unicom. Otherwise, the standard roaming rate will apply for using other operators.
^ Local Voice Minute charges are calculated in 1-minute intervals and round up to the nearest minute.

Frequent Asked Question
Please refer here.

Activation Setting and Procedures

According to the Macau S.A.R. Law No. 13/2019 “Macau Cybersecurity Law”, all Macau Prepaid SIM cards are required to complete the Real Name Registration.

The Defaulted Service Package will be automatically effective and charged once the Prepaid SIM card has been activated.

Activation Procedures
1. Insert the SIM card into your mobile.
2. At “Network Setting”, input “mobile.three.com.mo” as “APN”( Access point name)
3. Open a web browser which will automatically link to the Real Name Registration website, or you can simply input www.three.com.mo/prepaidrn (FREE data usage on this website).
4. After completion and approval of the Real Name Registration, your Prepaid SIM card will be activated. An SMS will be sent to you showing the number of the SIM card, stored value and validity date

5. You can check the approval progress of the registration at www.three.com.mo/prepaidrn. If your registration is not approved, please revise based on the reason for failure as shown and register again. For enquiry, please call 1118.

Recharge Method

  • You can recharge your Prepaid SIM card with e-PIN. The expiry date will extend from the day of the recharge.
  • Only e-PIN purchased at any Macau PARKNSHOP could be used for recharge. Other recharge vouchers or channels are not applicable.
  • e-PIN is only applicable for SoSIM Prepaid Card and not for others.

Recharge Value

Recharge method

Extension Days


122  + e-PIN code + + 


Call 66031212 and follow the instruction for entering the e-PIN

180 days





Sales Channel

SoSIM Prepaid SIM card and e-Pin will be available at all Macau PARKNSHOP. Address please refer here

Terms and Conditions

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